Sweets for my Sweet- Europe Edition

Europe is candy for a sweet tooth like me. I browsed through my photos to find my memorable sweet fixes throughout my stay there.

One of my favorite things-to-do during winter is to visit Christmas markets in Germany, which were a train ride away from the Netherlands. Just looking at these stalls left such a sweet taste in my memory

KolnKerstMarktWMA Christmas market stall in Koln, Germany

Another memorable food stop was when we tried churros in Barcelona, crunchy dough sticks dipped in thick gooey chocolate! We tried one along the Rambla.


This dessert was not representative of Roman cuisine, but we made a pitstop in this restaurant after a long day’s walk in the streets of Rome. This apple upside down cake was a perfect pairing with an espresso.


Macarons always amused me. Those pillow like candy colored crunchy bits are one of the cutest desserts ever. Just the same, it exudes a certain whiff of class and pizzazz unlike any dessert. When I was in Paris, the first macaron I tried was, along the Champs-Elysee, at the McCafe! 🙂 Haha very un-French I know. But well, it was not all that bad!


What is a trip to Italy without gelato? But with the endless choices, which stand should we go to? A kind Italian friend led me to the iconic Giolitti, which was established in 1890. Such history, wrapped in a gelato store. We went to its original store in Via Del Vicario. Just talking about it gives me the chills 🙂


And finally, I just had to try canoli! And where best to try it but in Venice, at the foot of the Ponte Vecchio! Nostalgia rules!


O sweet heaven! 🙂

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