My New York Food Truck/Cart Hunt

I have been a long time fan of the Food Truck feature show, Eat Street. It is seen in various cable channels here in Manila. And when I visited the US last year, I pledged to catch at least a truck or two that I’ve seen featured on the show.

First truck I caught was the award winning vegan food truck, Cinnamon Snail. I approached the truck as it was parked somewhere midtown. I saw it parked alongside other food trucks. It thrilled me to finally hunted them down. I stood in front of the order window, and barked, “I saw your truck on Eat Street, and I flew all the way from the Philippines to taste your food!” That was kinda groupie sounding. But I didn’t care. This was one of the perks of being in New York, since vegan food is so scarce in Manila. I had to grab at this chance!

I ordered the Dutch Chocolate Coffee and the Lemongrass Five Spice Seitan, and their Creme Brulee Donut. It really felt like a treat, despite it being vegan. It changed my notion that healthy, meatless can be yummy!

My Seitan Burrito and Vegan Creme Brulee Donut from Cinnamon Snail

My Seitan Burrito and Vegan Creme Brulee Donut from Cinnamon Snail

After tasting the food, I turned into a real groupie, stalked The Snail on Facebook and Twitter even when I left New York. I was so crushed hearing that they would stop operating the food truck on a daily basis. I saw the love from its legions of fans, I send this as a love note to The Snail as a one time visitor. Thank you for changing the face of vegan food. I hope one day to grab your goodies again!

The next food truck hunt I took on was The Famous Halal Guys. One of my visits at the MoMA, I bumped into a long line that snaked around the corner. It was cold and damp that day, but this didnt stop the people from standing in line. I smelled something really yummy. But then, I didnt have time to wait around. I had no idea that the crowd drawer was The Famous Halal Guys.

So, on another weekday afternoon, I trekked towards MoMA yet again, and found a shorter line. I was again so thrilled that the universe conspired for a better shot to taste a New York fave. A mound of yellow rice, topped with lettuce, a choice of chicken, beef or lamb and pita bread, smothered with the best white sauce you’ll taste. All for the amazing price of $6! No wonder people cant get enough of it. It was a masterpiece bang for your buck!


When I returned home to Manila, I could not stop raving about Halal Guys. Despite knowing that it will soon open in Megamall this year, I just cannot wait anymore. So I asked my chef-mom to concoct her own version of Halal Guys. She scoured the Net, watched Youtube videos, and tweaked her own recipe. Soo happy to get my own Halal Guys fix. This is a jazzed up version, but tastes just as great!


I caught Cinnamon Snail in November at Midtown. But they have stopped doing their rounds 😦

The Famous Halal Guys is located in several corners around the Theater District. But I went to the stall/cart parked on 53rd and 6th just fronting the Museum of Modern Art. 


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