A Freaky Four-Eyed Food Lover’s Guide to New York City


Can you believe it? After four trips to New York, I gathered enough food finds and photos to collate my very own guide around the city. The inspiration entered my mind many many times. But I just set it aside.

But one day, I promised my friend Iza I would give her a list of places she can eat at for her upcoming New York visit. I recalled each and every place I ate at. I also browsed through the photos I took in each visit. After I completed the list, I was convinced I should give the food guide a go. It took time, energy and blank stares on the wall to do it. The rest of it was history!!

I began thinking how I could laid out the book with the meager  artistic prowess that I have. I looked at the photo book sites available here in Manila. While I’ve tried printing with Photobooks, I needed an app that can allow me to include some notes. I wanted the guide to have a piece of my mind. I want to add my taste into it.

After a fairly extensive search, I found what I needed with the Bookwright App. It was book layout for dummies personified. It was fairly easy to navigate. It allowed you to customize the book to your liking, and did not seem like rocket science to figure out.

The great and awesome part of it is, not only can they print it out for you. You can post it publicly online, and sell it on their online bookstore! You have the option of buying the printed copy or an e-book! It is such a thrill to be able to self publish your work! It is quite costly. The printed copy of my food guide went up to $35. And of course I ordered the first copy!! Just so I can keep it on their online bookshelf. But it is such a milestone for me. I think I should prepare more content and come up with my next editions! I haven’t seen my printed copy. It is on its way to me, but I am very excited!

Here is the description of the book.

A foodie haven like New York City will leave you perplexed and pose many questions in mind. Are you in the hunt for uncomplicated, comfort food? Are you craving for iconic treats you can only find in the Big Apple? Reach out for this guide to find your answers. Discover this city with new eyes, behind Michelle Africa’s dark rimmed glasses.

Maybe after reading this, you might be interested to get a copy for yourself. Click on this book badge you find on top of this post ! 🙂


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