Moving Up!

A blog about life, fashion, college basketball and other sports, travel, shopping, movies, food, dining and photography!

Whew! Long list…

The writer is a ex-lawyer, ex-law professor, ex-English tutor, ex-graduate student, amateur cook, avid fashion junkie, trying-hard-to-be-a-yogi, wannabe photographer, clumsy biker and sports aficionada. I think I’m suffering from multiple personality disorder!

Thanks for dropping by. Leave a line or two while you’re at it. I’m thrilled by comments about my posts. Hope to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “Moving Up!

  1. Vic Zamora says:

    Kamusta ka na ‘day,

    Accidentally saw your blog coz I was looking for web pages about the Red Lions. I’m a Bedan but from way back in HS’68. I’m in Los Angeles, USA, but a Bedan classmate is in Amsterdam. Just in case you need a “local” to help you around, I can introduce you to him. He was a former ballet dancer but is now a “bibliographer” for a Dutch book company. I love Dutch cheese but love Belgian beer.


  2. Hector Concepcion says:

    Hello, I’m also a bedan and I stumbled on your site. I was wondering if you’ll be interested on having your own site. I own a free webhosting site and we can also host blogs using wordpress. It’s going to be more flexible since you won’t have wordpress limiting what you could do with your site. Please contact me if you’ll be interested.

  3. Michell says:

    Hello, wanna hear your advise. My husband had difficulty on getting passport because the registration date of his live birth did not match to nso record.. Dfa want an authenticated one but nso cant authenticate because it doesnt match to their record. We had reaLly a hard time recognizing on what to do. Im trying to browse an answer in the net thats why i came across your site. Hoping to got an answer. Thank you

    • michecesa says:

      Perhaps it would be helpful to obtain a copy of your husband’s birth certificate in the civil registrar where he was born. And then compare with the NSO copy.

      The DFA will only accept an official NSO copy as a requirement for issuance of the passport. You might need to supply us additional details regarding this concern. Please call 7051265/7051277. Thanks.

  4. Jevelyn says:

    Bakit No Name Po Yung Live birth Ko Samantalang Nag Submit Naman Po Ung MaguLang Ko Bago Ako IniLabas Sa Hospital . Ngayon Po Hindi Po Ako MaKa Pag AraL At Makahanap Ng Trabaho DahiL Walang Tumatanggap Sakin Dahil Walang Panagalan Yung N.S.O Ko Po . Ano Pong Gagawin Ko .. TuLungan Nyo naman Ako

    • michecesa says:

      FIle po kayo ng supplemental report para mafill up po yung blank sa first name ninyo. Sa civil registrar po kung saan kayo pinanganak dapat ito i-file. For more details, please call 7051265/7051277. Thanks.

  5. francis says:

    HI, MICHECESA anu po bang mgandang gawin para ma matangal po ang aking late registration ng birht certificate nahihihrapan po kasi ako sa pag renew ng passsport ko eh

    • michecesa says:

      Hi Francis, kung dalawa ang rehistro mo, one of them has to be cancelled in court. Please call our office 7051265/7051277 for more details. Thank you.

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